is a web campaign for one-state in Israel/Palestine. This website is a resource centre containing documents and programmes in support of the one-state solution. We explore binational and federal systems in our search for an alternative agenda to the two-state consensus that arose from the Oslo process. We are opposed to partition, Apartheid and racism; we believe in coexistence, reconciliation and equality.


/articles - articles & lectures, listed by date of publication or by A-Z of author

/books - books & proceedings (ie proceedings of conferences, forums etc)

/historical - historical documents & recent declarations

/events - events around the world

/groups - groups & projects - eg see Movement for One Democratic Secular State


about us ... was launched in November 2002 from London, UK. If you are aware of any other resources that should be included on the website or if you have any questions please check us out. We provide information on worldwide events/groups supporting the one-state solution, so if you know of anything relevant then let us know.