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Note: Most of the articles here, in blue, are in favour, or raise the prospect, of one-state. But it is important to be informed of the counter-arguments, hence the articles in red.


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• (LA Times) Who Needs a Jewish State?, Los Angeles Times, Editorial, 10th October 2004

• Ari Shavit, The Big Freeze (Interview with Dov Weisglass), Ha'aretz, 8th October 2004

• Peter Enav, Sharon Aide Nixes Palestinian State, Associated Press, 6th October 2004

• Michael Tarazi, Two Peoples, One State, New York Times, 4th October 2004

• John Denham, Time is Running Out for Two States, The Guardian, 1st October 2004

• Jon Elmer, Apartheid Israel: An Interview with Uri Davis,, 17th September 2004

• Todd May, The Emerging Case for a Single-State Solution: Toward a True Democratic State in the Middle East, CounterPunch, 9th September 2004

• Bret Stephens, The Inevitability Myth, Jerusalem Post, 27th August 2004

• Noam Chomsky, Advocacy and Realism: A Reply to Noah Cohen, ZNet, 26th August 2004

• Noah Cohen, Apologetics for Injustice in Palestine? Responding to Chomsky on the One-State Solution, ZNet, 26th August 2004

Daniel Seidemann, Letting Israel Self-Destruct, Washington Post, 26th August 2004

• Tom Segev, A Binational Byway, Ha'aretz, 20th August 2004

• Yoel Marcus, Just Don't Give Up, Ha'aretz, 20th August 2004

• Aviv Lavie, Right of Remembrance, Ha'aretz, 12th August 2004

• Uzi Arad, Demography and Demagoguery, Ha'aretz, 6th August 2004

Bamat Etgar, Disengagement and the Death of the Two-State Solution: A Panel Discussion with Hani Issawi & Yacov Ben Efrat, Challenge, Issue No. 86, July-August 2004

Mazin Qumsiyeh, Time to Apply South Africa Remedy to Israel, New Haven Register, 27th July 2004

• Tony Judt, The Rootless Cosmopolitan, The Nation, 19th July 2004

• Steven Friedman, Political Separation Is No Solution, Business Day (South Africa), 13th July 2004

• Avraham Tal, A Fence That Cannot Be Condemned, Ha'aretz, 12th July 2004

• Gilad Atzmon, The Separation Wall and the Myth of the Israeli Left,, 10th July 2004

• Leon Cohen, Greens Propose ‘Right of Return’, ‘One-State Solution’, Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, 9th July 2004

• Jonathan Cook, 'Democratic' Racism, Al-Ahram Weekly, Issue No. 698, 8-14 July 2004

• Cynthia Johnston, The Democratic State of Israel-Palestine?, Reuters, 8th July 2004

• Virginia Tilley, Azmi Bishara's Hunger Strike: A Line in the Sand, CounterPunch, 7th July 2004

• Azmi Bishara, Separation Spells Racism, Al-Ahram Weekly, Issue No. 697, 1-7 July 2004

• Jane Adas, Israel Forum Panel Asks, “Does the Jewish State Have a Future?